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Treasures from Montana

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Located in Billings, Montana


Agate Crystal Elk

Treasures from Montana is in business to serve the discriminating collector and gift-Montana Agate Unique Hand-Crafted Beargiver.  We are located in Billings, Montana on the Yellowstone River.  All of our Agate and Petrified Rock was collected in Montana.  We love our offerings and hope that you will too.  Most of the products we offer are already discontinued and/or were only made in very small batches (some items are the only one ever made).  So if you see something you like - get it while the getting is good, chances are it will not be offered again at any price.


Our Agate carvings are a remarkable achievement made exclusively for Rising Sun Wholesale.   Carving Agate is much harder than carving Soapstone or Jade because of the "hardness" of theClick for Larger Image Montana Agate stone itself and the potential for fracturing while the artist carves the agate.  Figurines of this type have never been attempted before.   Each of these carvings is each an individual work of art specially designed for us.  No two carvings are alike - because the artist needs to tailor his work to make the most of each stone.  And no two Montana  Agate stones are alike.  Each stone has its own characteristics, color and depth of translucency.


This website is a Retail Outlet for Rising Sun Wholesale to offer a small sampling of our products to individuals for purchases and comments.  We hope to appeal to the collectors "out there" who see the rarity and value of our Montana Agate Products.  Due to rising shipping costs and rarity of good quality Montana Agate - there is a high probability that most of our Carvings, Figurines, and Agate Bracelets & Necklaces will only be available for only a limited time (some are either one of a kind or one of 6 total pieces - and will never be made again).


Why buy from us?

  • Purchase Safely and Securely using PayPal Credit Card Services with Buyer Protection from PayPal  -  No PayPal account required.

  • The photographs displayed on this website are photos of the actual items that are For Sale.

  • Each item is "one of a kind" and will be removed from the website when purchase information is received.

  • Most of our merchandise is made from (pure semi-precious gemstone) "Montana Agate".

  • The website contains just a sampling of what is available to our retailers through Rising Sun Wholesale.

  • These items are sure to please even the most discriminating collectors.

  • Nothing like them available anywhere else in the World!

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