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Unique Properties of Montana Agate

Small Montana Moss Agate BearThere are many positive and healing aspects to Agate.  A quick search of the internet reveals benefits to healing, self confidence, and increased memory.  These claims are very consistent throughout history, even encasing ancient times.  Although some of the claims are far-fetched, such as invisibility and fortune-telling, although many are reported constantly enough to be credible to some degree.

Agate is said to have mystical powers to guard against danger, cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams and enable you to seeMontana Moss Agate "Pepper-Rock" Sterling Silver Bracelet the world with greater clarityAgate is also said to increase concentration and promote good fortune.  One legend tells of how a person who looks upon an agate is obligated to be truthful.  Another tells of Agate ending bad luck, enhancing strength and creativity.

Artists and Students may benefit from Agate by improving their memory and creativity.

Public Speakers may benefit from Agate by an increase in their self confidence, vitality, and reduced stress.

Agate amulets and bracelets have been used to promote longevity, protect one from falling, and keep marital and romantic fidelity.

Montana Agate RingMedical benefits of Agate are portrayed as:  aid in digestion, help with arthritis and headaches, improved hearing, healing ulcers, reducing inflammation and fever, stimulating fertility, increased circulation, improved tooth and gum health, reduced stomach problems, increased physical endurance, and lessoned insomnia.

Metaphysical benefits of Agate are portrayed as protection from falling, balancing the yin and yang, calming, increasing good fortune, removing negative energy, keeping one in touch with reality, and incorporating one's life purpose and spirituality into everyday action.

Whether carrying an Agate in your pocket, handling an Agate Carving on a frequent basis, or wearing a piece of Agate Jewelry - Montana Agate is said to have very high physical and spiritual benefits.

Interesting Biblical References about Agate:

Agate - (Heb. shebo), a precious stone in the breast-plate of the high priest (Ex. 28:19; 39:12), the second in the third row. This may be the agate properly so called, a semi-transparent crystallized quartz, probably brought from Sheba, whence its name. In Isa. 54:12 and Ezek. 27:16, this word is the rendering of the Hebrew cadcod, which means "ruddy," and denotes a variety of minutely crystalline silica more or less in bands of different tints.  This word is from the Greek name of a stone found in the river Achates in Sicily.